Sachiko E. Clyde

Sachiko Clyde; a stylist in New York City. 


I'm Sachiko Clyde; a freelance stylist in New York City. I love the fast paced world of styling and am constantly looking to get my hands on new and exciting projects. While I mainly work as a wardrobe stylist, I also work as a prop stylist. 

I was born on the West Coast, and was lucky enough to travel the world at a young age. My work is influenced from the cities I've traveled through, and because of my Japanese heritage, I am always inspired by clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. I have included my most recent styling work and have linked my full work experience below. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 



B.A. International Studies
Portland State University
Fall 2009 to Spring 2014

Minor French Language
Portland State University
Fall 2009 to Spring 2014


Stylist Work

+Assistant Stylist to Priscilla Polley: Under Armour 

+Assistant Set Designer to Sara Foldenauer: Under Armor for Kohl's 2017

+Assistant Stylist to Brie Welch: Theory 2.0 S/2018

+Assistant Stylist to Nicola Corl: Nike Sportswear S/S 2018

+ Stylist/Creative Director : Minoux Jewelry F/W 2017

+ Set Merchandiser : Ceremony for VotreGrandeSoeur 2017

+ Stylist/Creative Director : Von Drenik S/S 2016

+ Stylist/Creative Director : Yo Vintage Holiday 2016

+Assistant Stylist to Nicola Corl : Reebok Kids S/S 2016

+Assistant Stylist to Sarah Radcliffe : Minoux S/S 2016

+Assistant Stylist to Nicola Corl : Reebok Kids F/W 2015

+Assistant Stylist to Sarah Radcliffe : Minoux F/W 2015



Nicola Corl
Stylist, Freelance

Sarah Radcliffe
Owner, Yo Vintage

Kristen Robinson
Owner, Minoux

Lauren Kolb
Owner, Ceremony



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